I loooove subscription boxes. Who doesn’t need a box of presents delivered to their door every month?

So when I learnt that doggy subscription boxes existed at the end of last month I KNEW I had to get one for Marley.

Turns out there’s a whole lot of choice out there. Here are a few I was looking at:

In the end I settled for Pawsome Box mainly because they looked like they sent through high quality items and offered a £5 discount on their first box. Delivered between the 15th-25th every month Pawsome Box promises £40+ worth of dog products for £19.90 per month.

This is what I received and their prices (or similar) via Amazon:

  • New England Anchor Chain Dog Toy – £2.53
  • Rosewood Jolly Doggy Squeaky Fish Toy – £4.66
  • Sanal Sushi Rolls Dog Snack (Chicken & Fish flavour) – £3.91
  • Good Boy Mini Bites Training Treats (Fish & Cheese flavour) – £2.35
  • Gim Dog Energy Pudding – £2.65
  • Trixie Dog Wipes (Pack of 10) – £1.35

Total: £17.45

Not quiiiite the £40+ worth of products promised but it was still a nice surprise.

Marley enjoying his new Anchor chain toy
Would I order again? Nah. The products were just way too boring although the treats did please Marley who is notoriously picky.

Does anyone have any dog subscription boxes they recommend?


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