Highgate Woods
Highgate Woods is Marleys favourite place to frolic around in. It’s like a smaller version of Hampstead Heath with so many more dogs to play with.

And set right in the middle of Highgate Woods, next to an open grass area filled with dogs and children, is dog friendly Pavilion Cafe.

Outdoor dog area
Dogs are only allowed to sit within a fenced outside area but there are heaters scattered around for cold winter days.

Heated outdoor dog friendly area
They’d already closed the kitchen when we arrived at 3.30pm but they had some sad looking cakes and sandwiches which we could have.

They did the job but to be honest, it was just a standard sandwich.

Ham and cheese muffin and BLT sandwich

Selection of cakes
Pavilion Cafe is more of an eat and go sort of place. It doesn’t have the comfort and warmth of a welcoming restaurant and service can be a bit hit and miss.

Although I wouldn’t come here specifically for the food, it’s still a nice place to stop by after an excitable walk through Highgate Woods.

Do I have something on my face?
The Pavilion Cafe, Highgate Woods

Highgate Woods


N10 3IN


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