Flesh & Flour is the one stop dog friendly shop for all your gourmet food needs in Muswell Hill, North London. 

Cheese, meats, jams, bread, tea, dressings, you name it, you can buy it.

There also happens to be cafe at the back of the store with some of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever tried.

We came very close to closing time so there wasn’t much choice left. 

I ordered a carrot cake and an earl grey tea to drink. Now I don’t normally like carrot cake but this was actually amazing. 

Layers of cream cheese frosting were sandwiched between moist fluffy carrot cake and topped with nuts and sugar dust.

With dishes such as kimchi hash and nettle pesto eggs, I can’t wait to go back and try their lunch menu.

Edit: We went back to for lunch and it was epic!!

I had the Flesh & Flour Full English and it was the most delicious full english I have ever tried. It came with succulent sausages, bacon, fried bread, black and white pudding, egg, tomato, mushrooms and spinach.

We also had to go back for another slice of carrot cake along with banana bread. It was their one year birthday so we were also treated to the most delicious mince pies and mulled wine (as if we didn’t feel Christmassy enough).

Flesh & Flour really know their stuff.

Flesh & Flour

162 Fortis Green Road


N10 3 DU


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