Last Sunday we went to the All Dogs Matter Christmas fair in Hampstead, North London to support dog adoption and because we do love a Christmas fair.

We were surprised to be handed a doggy goodie bag on arrival filled with amazing treats including: 

I thought we were supposed to be donating not the other way round! Nevertheless we were ecstatic with the contents. Still are to be honest! 

They fit quite a few stalls in the beer garden of The Garden Gate which is a Dog friendly pub right next to Hampstead Health station. 

There were doggy food stalls, doggy accessory stalls, and human only stalls including brands I’d never heard before such as custom dog collar designer Broughton and Co. who make the most beautiful collars custom fit to your dogs neck.

As mummy is a bit poor though we just brought back a dog beer hilariously named Bottom Sniffer which promises to seduce other dogs with just one bottom sniff and a Christmas doggy cupcake which was actually delicious.

        Our absolutely favourite thing about the All Dogs Matter Christmas Fair however was the picture area. There were costumes for both humans and dogs to dress up in and pictures were taken by professional dog photographer Dogstar photos

        And here are the results 🐶 ❤️ 

        All Dogs Matter do amazing work rehoming dogs! 

        To find out how to donate please click here! 

        They’re also always on the lookout for new foster parents 🐶👫


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