Dog Friendly Restaurant: Pavilion Cafe, Highgate 

Highgate Woods is Marleys favourite place to frolic around in. It's like a smaller version of Hampstead Heath with so many more dogs to play with. And set right in the middle of Highgate Woods, next to an open grass area filled with dogs and children, is dog friendly Pavilion Cafe. Dogs are only allowed … Continue reading Dog Friendly Restaurant: Pavilion Cafe, Highgate 


Dog Friendly Popup: Winter Wonderland 

Winter wonderland marks the beginning of Christmas in London. There is food, drink, rides, shows.. And I look forward to it every year! This year we decided to bring Marley. We passed a few other dogs on the way round Winter Wonderland but not many, probably due to the crowds. In true German market fashion … Continue reading Dog Friendly Popup: Winter Wonderland