Marley Tries: Doga 

Doga for those of you who don't know is dog yoga.  That's right people, it's a thing. In London. To do yoga with your dog.  Based in The Pirate Castle in Camden, the venue was a little grimier than I expected, having only experienced yoga in the very affluent area of primrose hill.  It was … Continue reading Marley Tries: Doga 


Dog Friendly Restaurant: Bellanger 

It's a rarity in London to find a fancy looking dog friendly restaurant for a reasonable price. But Bellanger in Islington is just that. At £15 per 2 course or £18 per 3 course menu, Bellanger will hardly break the bank. Dogs are kept on leashes but allowed to sit next to you. Pretty much … Continue reading Dog Friendly Restaurant: Bellanger 

November 2016 Pawsome Box Unboxed

I loooove subscription boxes. Who doesn't need a box of presents delivered to their door every month? So when I learnt that doggy subscription boxes existed at the end of last month I KNEW I had to get one for Marley. Turns out there's a whole lot of choice out there. Here are a few … Continue reading November 2016 Pawsome Box Unboxed